Kathleen Wallace as Darcy and Lauren Berst as Alex

Seed&Spark video

Settling Up is a comedic web series about best friends, former college-roommates, and opposites, Alex and Darcy. To the outside world, Alex and Darcy have their lives together. Alex is a corporate attorney with a happy marriage and her dream apartment. Darcy is getting her PhD at a prestigious university.

But money is tight as Alex divorces her husband after he confesses he never wanted children and Darcy struggles to finish her dissertation while juggling loans, multiple jobs, and a precarious living situation. Alex reveals she is about to lose her dream apartment because she can only afford to pay her mortgage or her maintenance fees. Darcy, who took the first apartment she could find after discovering her boyfriend was cheating, has housing issues of her own.

The solution seems obvious: Alex and Darcy should live together again. But college was a lifetime ago, and the realities of finances, fertility, and life goals are impossible to ignore. Good thing Alex and Darcy are there to support each other and keep each other grounded – as long as they don’t throttle each other in the process.

Alex and Darcy soon learn that when you’re tired of settling and settling down, your only move is to settle up.