Sister Mary Beyoncé at work on the streets of Brooklyn

From the team that brought you Settling Up, Christopher Guest meets "Inside Amy Schumer" in The Evagelists, an award-winning mockumentary series that follows Sister Mary Beyoncé and her fellow Evagelists (evangelists for feminism) as they use humor to debunk myths about feminism and to confront sexism.

In our pilot, Sister Mary Beyoncé, our first Evagelist, introduces us to the world of Evagelism (evangelizing for feminism) and recounts how she began Evagelizing. Our born-again feminist reveals her biggest Evagelical challenges and triumphs from the mean streets of Brooklyn - some of which we get to witness. With Evagelists like Sister Mary Beyoncé on the job, our future looks vag-tastic.

The Evagelists were finalists in Raindance Web Fest's DailyMotion Web Series Pilot Competition and were honorable mention in SheKnows Media and the Ms. Foundation's #TheFWord competition.

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